• Family and State Planning
    Family and State Planning
    • Divorce
    • Stable union (recognition and dissolution)
    • Apportionment of assets
    • Alimony (request for granting, review, exemption and enforcement)
    • Custody and minor visiting regulations
    • Inquiry of paternity
    • Gifts
    • Interdiction
    • Probate proceedings, simplified probate proceedings and wills
    • Estate and succession planning
    • Marriage (property ruling and premarital agreements)
  • Contracts
    • Advice on all kinds of civil contracts
    • Loan agreement
    • Real estate acquisitions and dispositions contracts
    • Rental and lease contracts
    • Security agreement with personal guaranties
    • Guarantee agreement and letter of guarantee
    • Gift and usufruct reservation contracts
    • Taylor made civil contracts
  • Civil Litigation
    Civil Litigation
    • Ordinary claim, cognitive, summary and special proceedings
    • Enforcement and collection claim
    • Suit for damages
  • Consumer Relations
    Consumer Relations
    • Advice on all kind of consumer relations
    • Advice on matters involving liability, trade practices and contractual protection through legal opinions
    • Implementation and analysis of consumer contracts
  • Real Estate
    Real Estate
    • Legal opinion and due diligences on real estate deals
    • Real state contracts for acquisitions and dispositions, mergers, land subdvisions and lease
    • Advice on real estate guarantees
    • Expropriation, repossession and all kind of real estate legal proceedings